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Impact of Covid-19 on civil Industries

22-06-2020,    Mahi Innovations

A global impact is being seen on every commercial activity, a severe setback is being seen in the economy as most of the civil and infrastructural activities are being stopped due to this global pandemic, due to this epidemic construction and engineering services are being heavily damaged.

Almost every commercial activity is heavily affected by the ruthless attack of Covid-19, the construction and engineering sectors are already getting hampered by the regulation enforced by Environment and Safety Act as well as frauds that are creating a burden in generating revenues.

Heavy disruptions can be seen due to the lockdown and due to these multiple challenges being faced by the civil industries, the restrictions being put for the movements of the people and the gatherings resulted to halt on most of the business activities as well as construction activities. Major consequences of the lockdown stretch to severe disruptions of the supply chain, migration of labor cumulatively these situation leads to an obstacle which affects in meeting the obligations.

According to the survey, Covid-19 is having a deep impact on the Indian economy. Over the coming month, jobs are at high risk. Covid-19 has undoubtedly disrupted human lives and the global supply chain. Not only one sector have affected by this pandemic, it harshly affected all the sectors.

 Due to innumerable changes being made by the Government of India severe disruptions are being occurred while making the contracts as physical mobility is being restricted due to this pandemic. Companies who are engaged in providing services of engineering and construction activities are affected due to the unprecedented call made by the Government. The virus triggers the shortage of raw materials as well as manpower.

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The novel coronavirus put a huge impact on the construction projects as the workers are increasingly not reporting on the sites. Most of the sites are running half as the workers are not carrying out the activities due to the fear of infection that might spread, apart from these developers are also running out of time due to the delay in completing the projects and facing cost escalation.

In this increasingly complex situation due to covid19, we are making arrangements on how to overcome this situation if the virus is going to spread in the coming months, as the construction sector is highly responsible for propelling development in India and huge revenues are being generated through this.

One can easily understand the essence of the construction industry in the Indian economy with the recent statistics being generated by the Central Finance Department of India where it is being mentioned that this sector is heavily being affected due to Covid19 pandemic, a positive message should be given to the investors by recommencement of the construction activities, secondly, we are also focussing towards how to sanitize our workforce and making them adopt hygiene and safety measures, a consistent screening is also being done for the workforce.

Apart from all the major steps that are being taken by the Government of India, we are also making certain arrangements for the workers who are carrying out the activities on the site as well as we are making them aware from all the precautionary steps that they should take while carrying out the process of waterproofing.